Mobile Visual Artist


Kid-Art is a mobile visual arts service that offers experienced qualified facilitators to deliver visual arts workshops, training and entertainment for birthday parties.  The main aim of a Kid-Art session is to offer a fun, educational experiences that will unlock the creative potential of its participants regardless of age, religion or ability.  It is an inclusive service that recognizes the importance of enabling people to express themselves freely without fear of failure.  The sessions empower children and adults alike providing them with sustainable skills whilst addressing important issues like caring for the environment.  Kid-Art regards recycling as an important feature of its success.  Using every-day ‘rubbish’ as the basis for projects reduces costs for the customer thus making the service accessible to all.  Kid-Art training sessions provide other professionals who work with children and young people practical ideas, delivery methods and skills that can be transferred into their own field of work.  Kid-Art collaborates with schools and other educational establishments and also with youth/ community centers/ groups, local councils, events organizers and individuals providing tailor made sessions specific to the theme, event, issue, interest or remit specified by the customer.