March 2010 - March 2013

September 2011

Playhouse Derry/Londonderry

Screeniing of Acting Together on the World Stage

Acting Together on the World Stage: Resilience and the Moral Imagination

ICAN screened the Irish Premiere of Acting Together on the World Stage in The Playhouse on Wednesday 28th September 2011 and in The Brian Friel Theatre, University Square Belfast on Thursday 29th September 2011. The documentary shows courageous artists working in conflict regions Serbia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Argentina, Peru, India, Cambodia, and Australia and describes exemplary peace building performances and tools for the creative transformation of violence.

Acting Together details vivid firsthand accounts of traditional and nontraditional performances in Serbia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Argentina, Peru, India, Cambodia, and Australia. Contributors to this volume include artists, conflict resolution practitioners, and scholars who work directly with communities struggling to make sense of their past, heal their present wounds, and build a common future.

The performances highlighted in this volume nourish and restore capacities for expression, communication, and transformative action, and creatively support communities in grappling with conflicting moral imperatives surrounding questions of justice, memory, resistance, and identity.

The documentary film Acting Together on the World Stage grew out of a five-year initiative of Theatre Without Borders, Brandeis University and filmmaker Allison Lund. The film places case studies in their socio-political and cultural contexts through dynamic footage of performances, rituals, and candid interviews with artists and peacebuilders.

The documentary is designed for students, practitioners, educators, and policymakers in fields related to performance and to peace and conflict studies, and for others who believe—or who want to be convinced—that human communities have the creative capacities to transform conflict non-violently.

Cynthia is Director of Peace Building and the Arts Brandeis University, Boston and has devoted her career to evaluating tools available to artists and peace builders in areas of conflict. Dijana Milošević, who co-founded of Dah Theatre, Belgrade Serbia will lead a four-day master class focusing on experimental theatre for community transformation. Dijana has devoted her professional life to using theatre as a tool for create social change.