March 2010 - March 2013

September 2011

The Playhouse, Derry/Londonderry

Lecture with Claudia Bernardi

Claudia Bernardi is an internationally renowned artist who works in the fields of human rights and social justice, and who has exhibited her work in over 40 solo exhibitions. In all of her work over the past two decades – whether as an artist through installation, sculpture, and printmaking, as an educator through teaching and lecturing, or as a participant in human rights investigations – she has impacted thousands of people with her integrity, compassion, and truthfulness.

In this free lecture she inspired a local audience of artists, community leaders, educationalists and human rights activists.

Claudia is an artist who has witnessed monstrous atrocities and unspeakable human tragedies, yet speaks of these horrors in ways that communicate the persistence of hope, undeniable integrity, and necessary remembrance. Born in Buenos Aires, Bernardi and her younger sister lost their parents while teenagers during a highly unstable time in the history of Argentina - a time of dictatorship and extreme political unrest.