March 2010 - March 2013

September 2012

The Playhouse, Derry/Londonderry

‘Voices Interned’

This intergenerational photographic project involved the families of republican ex prisoners.
Artist Geraldine Gallagher’s project, ‘Voices Interned’ showcased a new body of photographic work which captures the memories and experiences of families of ex-political prisoners through a process of reenactment.

‘Voices Interned’ was designed to help families talk about the past, by passing a memory onto the third generation of children who have never experienced the Troubles.
Geraldine is currently producing a methodology to help release internalized memory, in particular memories that have been deliberately suppressed due to the political nature of being related to a political ex-prisoner, i.e. families who were forced to live by a code of ‘whatever you say, say nothing’.

The exhibition was opened at An Culturlann in Belfast and was followed by a discussion. The discussion was chaired by Eamonn Baker from Towards Understanding and Healing. The exhibition in Belfast ran until before opening at The Playhouse Derry/ Londonderry.