March 2010 - March 2013

January 2013


Residency with Marc Weinblatt

This one and a half day workshop featured the dynamic theatre for dialogue techniques ‘Rainbow of Desire’ and ‘Cops-in-the-Head’ from Augusto Boal’s world renowned ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’.

Using physical imagery and improvisation, participants gained deeper awareness of internalized personal struggles and discovered what might be happening below the surface in challenging situations. Powerful aids in cross community conflict work, the techniques learned can open dialogue and bridge gaps between different groups and individuals with understanding and empathy for the “other.” 

The workshop was aimed at community workers, activists, educators, therapists, theatre artists, and anyone interested in exploring themselves and the society in which we live.

Marc Weinblatt —
Founder / Co-director of the Mandala Center, Marc has been a theatre director, activist, and facilitator since 1980.  As Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.), “Multiplier”, he has trained thousands of people globally, from orphans in Afghanistan to construction workers in South Africa.  Marc also directs the multi-generational, multi-ethnic Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble which incorporates T.O. and Playback Theatre to generate community dialogue on burning social issues.