March 2010 - March 2013

August 2011

The Playhouse, Derry/Londonderry

Residency with Man One, Pablo Cristi, Ernel Martinez and Sidd Joag

Graffiti has been used all over the world as a tool to Campaign for Social Change.
For this residency ICAN worked with The Playhouse What IF? Project to bring international graffiti and mural artists to the North West during August 2011.

These artists collaborated with local graffiti artists, shared their expertise with local practitioners and worked with young people living in interface communities of Derry-Londonderry and Moville, County Donegal.
The international artists Man One, Pablo Cristi, Ernel Martinez and Sidd Joag lead a master class in Graffiti and Mural Art for artists, facilitators, educationalists, health workers and peace activists interested in learning graffiti skills at the same time as developing ways of using public art to discuss positive social change.

The final week of the Urban Arts Project enabled young people to participate in graffiti workshops as well as DJing and parkour. This week was youth-led, giving the young people the opportunity to collaborate with an international and local team of artists. The young people were encouraged to highlight issues that are important to them using graffiti, DJing and parkour to illustrate their ideas.


Ernel Martinez
An African American mural artist who works with adjudicated young people through Philadelphia Mural Project.

Sidd Joag
A graffiti artist from New York who directs Free Dimensional, an organisation who supports artists in distress or under threat.

Pablo Cristi
Raised in Los Angeles, born to Chilean parents who escaped the Pinochet regime, Cristi’s work is motivated by an active political awareness and is steeped in a critical inquiry of power, representation and history.

Alex Poli
A descendant of first-generation America. He uses graffiti to address social issues.